Bamford Carnival Needs Your Help


Helpers needed to put up the Buntings, (meeting on the Green at 6pm to be arranged for week of 9th to 13th July) particularly people with ladders! and people to unravel the buntings out of the bags, the more people we have the quicker we can get it done! If you can help contact Steve or Mags on 01433 698497. Everyone Welcome!


Saturday 14th July at 10am, Help needed to move the welldressing from the Institute craft room to The Green and to erect at Fidlers Well. Gloves will be needed!

Junior Fell Race

Tuesday 17th July, from 6pm, marshals needed for junior fell Race to stop traffic on Lydgate lane, top and bottom, and some along the fell race route. Contact Steve or Mags on 01433 698497. Organiser Rachel Horn.

Senior Fell race

Wednesday 18th July, from 6pm, marshals needed along the route, organiser Nick Baynes. Also need people to help with drinks when the runners come in and to run to the pavilion with the result sheets.

Putting up on the rec.

Friday 20th July, in the afternoon from around lunch time to put up marquees, and set out the arena for carnival day. We particularly need someone with a van or trailer to carry the chairs and tables from the sheepdog container at the far end of the rec.

Marshals and helpers on carnival day.

Saturday 21st July , at least 10 marshals needed for carnival parade, 2 to stand with DCC on the road where traffic is stopped next to entrance to water Lane one at each road entrance in case of cyclists or cars wanting to come out, i.e. top and bottom of the Hollow, end of Brentwood Road, Victoria Road, etc. and some to walk with parade, in case of emergencies. Also needed are money collectors on the gate at the rec. If you can help please contact Steve or Mags on 01433 698497.

Ashopton Old Road Polite Request

Please would it be possible to keep Ashopton Old Road free of vehicles on the morning of carnival day Saturday 21st July as the carnival processions needs to assemble here, which includes tractors, trailors, floats for carnival royalty and Fire Engine, the parade will move off at 2pm. Thank-you for your co-operation.

If you need information on any of the above please contact Steve or Mags 01433 698497