Bamford Carnival Needs You

Post date: Nov 13, 2018 8:41:50 PM

Bamford Carnival has been running for over 50 years!

Not only is Carnival Week a fantastic village event for residents of all ages, it also donates money to good causes and supports a wide range of local charities and groups.

Some of those supported over the years include: Bamford Pre School, Primary School, Bamford Guides, St Johns the Baptist Church, Bamford History Group and The Belles of St Henry’s. Carnival also enables groups to raise funds for themselves during the week by getting involved in the weeks activities and / or by running stalls on Carnival Day.

Alongside these groups, profit generated from Carnival Week has also contributed to vital local resources including the village defibrillator, local CRY screening days and St Johns ambulance, to name but a few.

None of this would be possible without the Carnival Committee, ably supported by a team of willing and dedicated volunteers. The driving force behind Bamford Carnival over recent years, along with the volunteers, has been Margaret and Steve Tunnicliff, and after their many years of hard work, Margaret and Steve have decided it’s time to retire from Bamford Carnival Committee and take a well-earned rest. Our Treasurer, Jon Shuker is also stepping down this year.

We are therefore writing to you, the residents of Bamford, Aston and Thornhill, to ask you to get involved with Bamford Carnival Day and the associated week of events so this fantastic week of activities and events can continue in 2019.

We have vacancies for Carnival Committee members to join us in continuing the good work Bamford Carnival does for the village, its community and our local groups, societies and organisations. We also always need volunteers, doing things like helping to put up / take down bunting, marshalling events, helping to set up Carnival day, etc.

An AGM is being held on Wednesday 21st November at 7PM at The Rest Café and we are asking residents to come forward and support Bamford Carnival and get involved as a committee member or volunteer during Carnival Week. We require:

    • Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Committee members
    • and lots of enthusiastic volunteers!

We are very sorry to say if Carnival doesn’t receive new offers of help at the AGM, Bamford Carnival Week 2019 will not go ahead as there aren’t enough remaining committee members and volunteers, which would be so disappointing for our Community.

Any local groups needing charitable donations are also invited to attend the AGM to get involved and put forward their ideas and requests.

Please, please come along and support the future of Bamford Carnival.