Bamford’s Carols on the Green

Post date: Feb 9, 2016 4:37:35 PM

Bamford’s Carols on the Green - Annual Christmas Eve Event

I hope you all enjoyed our annual Carols on the Green. This year, as last year, our Christmas carols were enhanced by our marvellous village Christmas lights.

For many, many years ‘Bamford Old Folks’ have provided Carols on the Green with a band, hot chocolate, mince pies and a nativity scene. Last Christmas Eve 2015 was one of the best attended yet! A great many of you always attend, but this year was exceptional. A huge number of people attended, not only to join in the carols and the ‘Blessing of the Crib’, but also to see our beautiful Christmas lights.

The Old Folks Committee gave the village a really magnificent Crib. Everyone who came were really impressed with the beautiful job the Old Folks Committee had done. They worked really hard and produced a Crib in 2016 that really does compliment our lights. Thank you and well done the Old Folks Committee.

A thank you once again goes to the Christmas Lights Committee for the additional lights that they put up. Keep a look out there are more to come.

We wanted the people of Bamford to be proud of their village at Christmas, as well as all year round, and be proud to be part of our village. The lights, a beautiful nativity scene and our own pub and cafe all help to make Bamford a real community. I think in Christmas 2016 we succeeded.