Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for events


    • All bookings must be confirmed in writing, giving as much notice as possible.
    • The Recreation Ground Committee’s decision is final on all matters regarding the use of the Recreation Grounds and they reserve the right to refuse any application at their discretion.
    • The trustees of the Recreation Ground reserve the rights to ask organisers not observing the conditions to leave the grounds.
    • Events should have appropriate insurance cover. The Recreation Ground CIO insurance does not cover equipment or vehicles not owned directly by the charity.
    • The event organiser is responsible for ensuring that the event is covered by all relevant licenses and permissions, including where appropriate providing the Police and Rescue Services with notice.
    • Noise levels during the event should not cause a nuisance to local residents. Noise should be kept to a minimum before 9am and after 11pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.
    • Where events are expected to attract large numbers event organisers may be required to provide portable toilets.
    • The external electricity supply is a maximum of 16 amp. If additional power is required, organisers are required to provide their own generator.
    • Organisers must comply with the Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground CIO Equal Opportunities, Vulnerable Persons and Environmental Policies.

Cancellations and refunds

    • Please inform the Recreation Ground CIO Secretary as soon as possible if it becomes necessary to cancel an event.
    • A refund for cancellations will be at the Recreation Ground Committee’s discretion.

Site Access

    • Access to the Recreation Ground is over a bridge with a 4-ton weight limit. Any event organiser with a heavier vehicle must contact the Recreation Ground Committee to discuss alternatives.
    • A ‘key-holder’ should be appointed by the event organiser who will be responsible for access and for ensuring that the site and pavilion, if used (toilets, kitchen and changing rooms), are maintained in a clean and tidy state throughout the duration of the event, and are left in a clean and tidy state, and that lights, heating and water taps are turned off at the end of the event.
    • The duration of an event is defined as the period between the start and end date / time of the booking.
    • Consumable items such as toilet rolls and cleaning materials (for use in the pavilion) are provided by the charity. The Event organiser is responsible for ensuring that access to such consumables is maintained throughout the event. If large or uncertain numbers of people are expected, event organisers should arrange access to their own contingency supplies.
    • Access to the ground by event participants, spectators, vehicles and attractions should be controlled and marshalled by the event organiser with due regard to public safety, weight limits on the bridge, damage to the ground, road congestion and responsible car parking.
    • Arrangements should be made to remove equipment such as marquees, chairs, tables, tents, rope, stakes etc. from the ground and pavilion as soon as possible after the event.
    • The ground should be left in a reasonable condition with any post holes filled and litter collected and removed.

Health and safety

    • Public liability insurance is strongly recommended.
    • Event organisers are responsible for undertaking a risk assessment, including ensuring that adequate first aid cover is provided.
    • The Recreation Ground is bordered on one side by a railway line and on another by the River Derwent, which has steep banks. Please do not allow children to play unsupervised close to either the railway or the river.
    • Event organisers are responsible for all aspects of health and safety legislation including food hygiene regulations relevant to their event, in force at the time.

Waste & Rubbish

    • Arrangements should be made by the event organisers for the proper and prompt removal of all rubbish and extraneous materials generated by the events. (It is not uncommon for rubbish bags left overnight to be ravaged and spread about by badgers) The Borough Refuse disposal department should be contacted in advance if required, and they will normally charge a fee for this service. There may be special fees associated with the disposal of foodstuffs and any sub-contractor should be strongly encouraged to remove waste food items.
    • The nearest recycling points are in the car parks in Hathersage and Hope.
    • Sewage disposal on the ground is by septic tank and nothing but the normal soil outflow from toilets and kitchen should be allowed into the sewage system.
    • There is a disposal point for toilets. This is a septic tank. Please ensure that only environmentally acceptable fluids are used.


    • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be left unattended, unless by prior agreement, for example the Sheepdog Trials.
    • Under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, it is an offence to allow a dog to foul the grounds. Bag it and Bin it.

Campfires and Barbeques

    • No campfires permitted. Raised BBQs only allowed if kept away from trees and buildings. No BBQs to be positioned directly on the grass.

Prohibited activities

    • Horse riding is not permitted
    • Playing golf is not permitted
    • No firearms, air rifles or air pistols of any description are allowed within the Ground.
    • The possession of and letting off of Fireworks is also prohibited, unless by prior agreement, for example as part of a 5th November bonfire and firework display.