WW1 Exhibition

Bamford WW1 Exhibition - November 2018

We held an exhibition in Bamford Village Institute over 5 days in November 2018 attended by many residents of Bamford and surrounding areas. The exhibition consisted of rows of display boards with

· Photographs of Bamford buildings and people from around 1905 to 1918

· A map of Bamford from 1910 and description of its significant points of interest

· Details of collecting sphagnum moss from surrounding moors and use of sphagnum moss dressings in local hospitals for injured servicemen

· List of names of Bamford fallen

· Stories of local men and women who fought in WW1 and survived

· Role of women in WW1 in villages

· Conscientious Objectors

· Recruitment and conscription

· Spanish Flu epidemic

· Rules for VADs in local hospitals

· Photographs of local hospitals treating injured servicemen

As well as the display boards there was a file on every man and woman on the Bamford and Derwent War Memorials, a short story of their life and family

Some family memorabilia and photographs

Two books were written for the exhibition one about the men who were killed and their families by Rita France and the other a diary of Bamford life taken from press cuttings at the time by Jennifer Fox. These are both excellent records of the First World War and how it affected Bamford.

A film was made of the reason the First World War began, how it progressed and concluded, the horror and devastation it caused and its effect on Britain in general and Bamford in particular. This was made by Dave Holmes. It proved to be harrowing to watch and reduced some people to tears.

Bamford and District History Group