Team Project Members

Sue Beckett                                        Manager/Fundraiser

John Cotton                                       Design, installation

Pete Hearnshaw                              Surveying, groundworks, traffic management and installation

Gordon Danks                                   Groundworks, traffic management

Martin James                                    Cherry picker operator and installation
James Boot (HCM electrician)        Control boxes

All installation members below gave time as and when they could

David Shephard                                Groundworks Assistant

Dave Bevan                                       Groundworks Assistant

Suzanne Elliot                                 Groundworks Assistant

Dave Treacher                                   Installation

John Hollis                                          Installation, scaffolding

Chris Williams                                    Installation

Denry Leighton                                 Installation

Alex Conheeney                               Installation apprentice

Nigel Eyre                                          Installation

Andrew & Malcolm Thorpe           Installation - Crib on Green

Roger Mather                                   Installation - Parish Church

Kath Hearnshaw                              Sandwiches

Sarah Bawden                                  Numerous cups of coffee and biscuits

Nigel and Jill Hopkins                      Power, encouragement and cups of coffee & biscuits

Ben McIntyre                                    Power and encouragement

Paul Storer, Tom & Billy                  Cherry Picker

Stan Willis                                          Installation, Power

John Ollerenshaw                            Installation, Power

Michael Thorpe                                Installation

Harry Beckett                                    Switch on box

Howard Ward                                   Installation advice

Bamford WI                                       Served mulled wine & stollen on 30 November

Tom Hodgson                                   Photos  of ‘switching on’ ceremony and all lights in Village