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2009 Photos

On the fells with the sheep

Sheep gathered ready for the trials

The President giving a little hand

Starting the fell race

Mike and Jess busy at the bar all day

Steven Wainwright & Richard Cottrill hand shearing
Giving out the trophies

John Heneghan - Winner of the Fell Race

Winners of the 'Best Conditioned Dog & Bitch' Class
Ernest Gregory raising money for the Border Collie Trust by growing half a beard
Sheep on the run

On the fells after gathering

Is the President's husband drinking from a United mug?
Pulling the trigger didn't go quite to plan!

I'm hungry!

After shearing

Past Presidents

Karen Davidson - First Lady Runner

Janet Smith, Kath Birkinshaw & Sheila Wainwright helping with the Catering

Gathering the sheep

The day before the trials

Dogs at work during the trials

Carole and her sister

A little time out from the catering tent for Ed

Ladies on the Committee after a long day at the trials

Display of Trophies

Judging the 'Best Conditioned Dog & Bitch'

Thanks with flowers to Rita for her work as Secretary