Equal Opportunities Policy 2010

Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground Trust Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy Statement

The object of the charity is the provision and maintenance of a recreation ground for the use of the inhabitants of the parishes of Bamford and Thornhill.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that use, hire of the facilities, management and interaction with users is carried out without discrimination - either directly or indirectly - on grounds of age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, political, religious or other opinions, gender, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, disability or on any other unjustifiable ground.

Trustees and users of the Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground are required to comply with this policy as are any employees of the charity.

Responsibility of the Management Committee

The Management Committee will promote and sustain equality of opportunity by:
  • Ensuring that members and users are made aware of the Trusts' equal opportunities policy;
  • Investigating any instances of discrimination or harassment reported to it by members;
  • Taking prompt action to stop acts of discrimination or harassment where they are identified.


The election of Trustees, and of officers of the charity, will be open and conducted without prejudice, favour or discrimination.

Users of Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground

The Trust will act at all times without prejudice, favour or discrimination in deciding on requests for use and hire of the facilities.

Suppliers of goods and services to the Trust

In considering tenders for the supply of goods and services the Trust will make its decision on the basis of economic, specification, performance and timescale considerations, and contracts for goods and services will not impose prejudicial or discriminatory conditions on suppliers.


All users booking the Recreation Ground will have their attention drawn to this policy and it will be published on the Bamford Village website. Bamford with Thornhill Recreation Ground Trust will make copies available on request to individual members, any appropriate agencies, organisations and partners.

In cases where a breach of the policy is reported to it, the Management Committee will take urgent steps to investigate the matter and take appropriate action which may result in the cancellation of the current booking and refusal of future bookings.

The Management Committee will review the equal opportunities policy biennially and amend it as appropriate.