Well Dressing

Bamford Village Well Dressing

Bamford dresses two wells in the Village each year.  The main one is a joint endeavour which everyone is welcome to help out with, and a smaller one is made up by the Playgroup.  The preparation starts on the second Monday in July each year.  On Monday, the frames are filled with wet clay and levelled, and on Tuesday, the picture is put into the clay.  Wednesday is the day on which the picture is pricked out and some of the dry material put in place.  Thursday and Friday are the main petalling days.  On Saturday morning the frames are erected and on Sunday evening there is a well blessing service on the Village Green.

The pictures below show the Bamford well dressing for 2011 and previous years.

The picture for the 2011 Well Dressing was of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding.  

Letter From St. James's Palace

The organiser's sent a photograph of 2011's well dressing to the Duke of Cambridge's Private Secretary as they thought they might be interested in the Village's contribution to their wedding celebrations.  In response to their letter, they received a reply dated 11th August from Chris Kealey, Assistant Private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as follows:

 Dear Ms. Willetts,

 Thank you for your letter of 22nd July to Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, and for the delightful photograph of  this year's Bamford Well Dressing Project.

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were most appreciative that you made the occasion of the Royal  Wedding the theme for your design, and very touched that you should think of them in this way.  They  have been delighted by the incredibly kind response from so many people, as well as for the good  wishes they have received.

 Their Royal Highnesses would have me convey their very best wishes to you and everyone involved with  Bamford Well Dressing and their grateful thanks for writing as you did.

 Yours sincerely,

 Chris Kealey


Pre School Well Dressing 2008
Pre School Well Dressing 2008